Illuminations and Glory! | Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra
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Illuminations and Glory!





Immerse yourself in the beauty and glory of the Illuminations and Glory concert, which will feature the exceptional talents of soprano Bronwen Forbay and mezzo-soprano Galina Ivannikova. This highly anticipated concert marks a triumphant return of the long-awaited partnership between Texas A&M Chamber Singers, Brazos Valley Chorale, and the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra. Prepare to be captivated by a stunning selection of works, including the enchanting 'Wedding Cantata' by Bach, the mesmerizing 'Les Illuminations' by Benjamin Britten, and the magnificent 'Gloria' by Vivaldi. Additionally, the BVSO is thrilled to welcome back versatile soprano Bethany Clearfield, whose seamless artistry effortlessly bridges jazz, classical, and contemporary repertoire. Join us for this unforgettable performance as we celebrate the collective brilliance of these remarkable artists.

Time & Location

5:00 PM
Rudder Theatre


Bethany Clearfield, Soprano
Bronwen Forbay, Soprano
Galina Ivannikova, Mezzo-Soprano
Texas A&M Chamber Singers
Brazos Valley Chorale


Bach: Wedding Cantata
Benjamin Britten: Les Illuminations
Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria in D Major RV 589
This concert was generously sponsored by The Clearfield Family.