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Youth Competition

The Brazos Valley Symphony and its support guild, the Friends Association of the Symphony Orchestra (FASO), sponsor the Brazos Valley Youth Concerto Competition each year.  Music students throughout the area, under the age of 18, are invited each fall to submit their performances of any movement from any concerto.  Marcelo Bussiki, Music Director and Conductor of the BVSO, selects the finalists each December using a blind selection process. Finalists perform at a free concert before a panel to determine the winner.  The winner is featured as a soloist in the upcoming Children’s Concert with the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra and FASO pays their entry fee for the student to participate in the Juanita Miller Concerto Competition presented by the Texas Association of Symphony Orchestras.


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The Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra

and the

Friends Association of the Symphony Orchestra

announce the 22nd Annual

Brazos Valley Youth Concerto Competition

Open to all students in a Brazos Valley public or private elementary or secondary school or homeschool

Entries form must be submitted to  by 5 p.m. on 

September 16, 2022


  1. Student must prepare a movement from any concerto for any instrument, not to exceed 12 minutes in length.  The selection must be from the standard repertoire for the instrument.
  2. The entry may include piano accompaniment, but it is not required. At the finals, however, piano accompaniment is mandatory.  The same accompanist for all finalists will be provided.
  3. The entry form must be submitted to by 5 p.m. on Friday, September 16, 2022.  Once your form is received, you will be notified where and how to submit your audio file.  At the beginning of your audio file, please announce your name in the following way:  My name is XXXXXXXX.  There should be no other extraneous sounds on the audio file.  There should be at least 10 seconds of space before your performance begins.  You will be assigned a number, your name removed, and the file renamed before being sent for blind judging by Dr. Marcelo Bussiki, Music director and Conductor of the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra, and a panel of BVSO musicians
  4. Up to five finalists will be selected and all entering students will be notified by mail of the results.
  5. The finalists will be invited to perform their selection, from memory, before a panel of three judges and a live audience on Sunday, November 13, 2022, at 3 p.m. at First United Methodist Church, 506 E. 28th Street, Bryan, Texas.  The judges will award first through third places and plaques will be presented. The decision of the judges will be final.
  6. All finalists must submit a “head-shot” photograph (at least 150 dpi if submitted electronically), a copy of their sheet music, and a completed biographical form to be provided with the finalist selection notification.  They must agree to allow their name, photograph, and biographical information to be used in publicity for the competition
  7. First-place winners of previous Brazos Valley Youth Concerto Competitions are ineligible to compete again.



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