Classical Mystery Tour | Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra
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Classical Mystery Tour





Experience the magic of The Beatles like never before with Classical Mystery Tour, a tribute backed by a Symphony Orchestra. Imagine The Beatles performing alongside a symphony orchestra – now you can witness it live! This acclaimed show features four musicians who perfectly emulate The Beatles, bringing their iconic music to life with stunning accuracy. From classics like "Penny Lane" with live trumpets to the beauty of "Yesterday" accompanied by an acoustic guitar and string quartet, and the rock/classical blend of "I Am the Walrus," this concert presents over two dozen Beatles tunes exactly as they were written. Classical Mystery Tour has been captivating audiences worldwide for over 22 years, performing with prestigious orchestras across the globe. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the thrill of The Beatles live in concert with Classical Mystery Tour and a symphony orchestra near you!

Time & Location

5:00 PM
Rudder Auditorium