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Office Manager


The primary function of this position is to assist the Executive Director, President, Board of Directors, and Staff of the Brazos Valley Symphony Society by managing the flow of information, maintaining databases, and by following established policies and procedures of the Brazos Valley Symphony Society. This position is considered to be an exempt position.


The Office Manager must have at least two (2) years of experience as an office manager or secretary. A bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required. Skills required for this position include time management, organizational, oral and written communication, computer proficiency with experience in Microsoft Word and Excel, and other basic office technology.

The Office Manager must be able to interact with and work smoothly with the Executive Director, Board President and Executive Committee, Music Director, Marketing Director, Bookkeeper and Librarian, and patrons and donors.


The Office Manager reports directly to the Executive Director.


The Office Manager performs general office functions including answering and responding to telephone calls, e-mails and faxes; scheduling appointments, taking messages, answering correspondence as requested; sorting and routing mail after it is picked up from the post office; coordinating volunteer activities; maintaining telephone and visitor logs.

The Office Manager is responsible for the supervision and management of all office assistants and interns.

The Office Manager distributes mail to board officers and staff and completes and/or follows up on action items required from incoming mail and communications.

The Office Manager assists in coordinating outgoing mailings including season brochures and ticket order forms, annual BVSS membership drive, special fundraising invitations, newsletters, thank you letters, advertisements and any other mass mailings, and prepares address labels for mailings as needed. Stuffing, sealing envelopes and placing postage on items or preparing/updating mailing lists may be in order to complete any outgoing mailings.

The Office Manager assists the Executive Director and Board in preparing materials for grant applications and reports. Including editing, collateral creation, packet preparation, material collections, and copies and maintaining appropriate files on the grant projects.

The Office Manager maintains an on-going calendar of BVSS and BVSO events and distributes the calendar to the board and staff.

The Office Manager is responsible for the professional physical appearance and organization of all office spaces, including workroom, kitchen, meeting room areas, storage, and other office areas. The restocking of and maintenance for office supplies, equipment, and furniture is included.

The Office Manager schedules the conference room for meetings and activities, and makes reminder calls or sends e-mails to appropriate members of the board and staff.

The Office Manager assists the Executive Director and Board President in preparing materials for the Executive Committee and Board meetings by e-mailing or mailing agendas and minutes, copying reports for distribution, and keeping the Board Notebook updated.

The Office Manager maintains current computer databases including general mailing list, Society membership contributions list, season ticket orders list, purchasers of special events tickets list, and any other databases requested by the Executive Director and Board President.

The Office Manager maintains files in an orderly manner, using an appropriate filing system.

The Office Manager prepares complimentary ticket packages as donations for other organizations that request them. Tracks and ensures that all complimentary tickets are entered into ticketing systems for processing.

The Office Manager assists with event preparations and works at the events as appropriate regarding the three major fundraisers and any other fundraising activities the organization may conduct.

The Office Manager will assist at the ticket table for each concert.


The Office Manager follows established procedures of the BVSS which include coding and preparing bank deposits of all monies received, preparing requests for reimbursement when bills and invoices are received, and routing/preparing this information appropriately for the Bookkeeper. 

The Office Manager tracks, processes, and enters season ticket orders, annual contribution cards, and other information as needed.


The Office Manager performs other duties as assigned to assure a beneficial relationship exists between the BVSS and all patrons, donors, Board Members, musicians, staff, and the general public.


This is a full-time position, requiring forty hours per week. The Office Manager will be available to assist with patron needs at Symphony performances, fundraisers, and other activities that occur on evenings and weekends. Scheduling of Comp Time will be at the discretion of the Executive Director. The Office Manager will be allowed 10 paid vacation days per year (with a 6-month waiting period before use), scheduled at the discretion of the Executive Director, in addition to the Federal Holidays listed in the BVSS Policies and Procedures. The Office Manager will be allowed ten days sick leave per calendar year. Up to 24 unused sick days may be carried forward. At the time that the employee leaves their position, no payment for unused sick leave days will be allowed. Salary will be paid twice a month on the 15th and last day of the month.


How to Apply

To apply for this position send your cover letter and resume to